🍺 Top-down Brew: Grain Bill Weights From Coarse-Grind, Dry-Basis With Color Estimation

Original Gravity
SG Plato

Mash efficiency percentage

liters US gallons Beer barrels

Weight output units:
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Color output units:
SRM: Standard Reference Method MCU: Malt color units EBC: European Brewing Convention

Malt values:
Percent Grain Name CG db Moisture % Lovibond

Sugar values:
Percent Sugar Name Yield Lovibond

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The grain bill calculations are based upon the formula of Holle (2010), formula 1 (p. 4). The coarse-grind, dry basis (CG db) values are typically from the malt analysis information.

Sugars are calculated at 100% efficiency. The sugar yield is expressed as a percentage of sucrose (100%). For example, one pound of honey (1.032) provides less sugar than one pound of sucrose (1.046). Thus, the sugar contribution of honey compared to sucrose is (32/46)*100 = 69.6%. Similarly, liquid malt extracts have a yield of about 76%.

Grain color units are referred to as Lovibond in some sources and SRM in others.

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