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This calculator determines the volume of a mash for predicting how large the mash tun will need to be. The space required depends upon the sparge method. No-sparge methods must hold the grains plus the all of the water at once, so this method will require the most volume. In contrast, continuous (fly) sparging does not hold all of the sparge water at one time, so less mash tun space is needed.

The following general formula is based upon an example given by Beechum & Conn (2020) for a no-sparge situation:

Conceptual version: Mash volume = Water absorption + Grain volume + Desired batch volume

Calculated version: Mash volume (gallons) = (grain weight (lbs) * .12 gallons) + (grain weight (lbs) * .08 gallons) + batch volume (gallons)

The calculations for batch sparging or continuous sparging are modifications of this formula. For continuous sparging, keep in mind that some additional space will be needed during the sparge process for a small amount of water to cover the grain bed.

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