🍺 Top-down Brew: Refractometer Corrections

Purpose: Refractometer correction tool for fermented beer.

Original Gravity in Brix
Current or Final Gravity in Brix
Wort correction factor

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The calculations assume that original gravity and the second or final gravity reading are both taken from the refractometer. Brix values are recommended because this scale is the standard for refractometers.

The wort correction factor is a small adjustment needed because beer sugars are not 100% sucrose (table sugar). The 1.04 default value is a commonly used correction factor. This correction value can also be empirically determined from your own equipment by following the steps described in this BYO article by Colin Kaminsky.

Two correction methods are provided. The Terrill method was developed for finished fermentations. The Novotny method can be used for either finished fermentations or fermentations that are in-progress.

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