🍺 Top-down Brew: Good Red Earth

This Americanized Irish Red ale is an easy drinking beer with carmel, toasted, and slight chocolate flavors. The name was inspired by the often intense orange soil found the rural South of the United States. The no-sparge methodology makes this easy to brew.

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The toasted malt was made by baking the two-row malt in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Modifications for a steeped grains with malt extract version:

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The estimated water profile is 81 ppm calcium, 82 ppm sulfate, and 94 ppm chloride for a sulfate/chloride ratio of 0.9.

The mash thickness was on the thin side: 3.0 liters/kg. The mash temperature started at 151F/66C for 30 minutes. The mash temperature was then raised to 154F/68C for 30 minutes by adding hot sparge water. The grains were rinsed with a no-sparge process: mash dilution then drain. Carbonation was accomplished through bottle conditioning.

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