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Purpose: To convert brix to specific gravity or specific gravity to brix

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There are several related scales used for measuring the amount of dissolved sugar in a solution. Homebrewers typically use specific gravity. Wine makers, in contrast, typically use the brix scale. Brix is related to the degrees plato scale that is often used by professional beer brewers.

Many refractometers use only the brix scale, which may be somewhat foreign to homebrewers who are accustomed to the specific gravity scale. This calculator will convert brix to the corresponding specific gravity (or vice versa). The calculator interprets input values below 1.180 as being specific gravity inputs. Conversely, higher input values are interpreted as brix values.

A simple approximation is that multiplying brix values by 4 will yield the gravity points for specific gravity. For example, 10 brix is approximately 1.040 specific gravity. Conversely, dividing the gravity points from a specific gravity reading by 4 will yield an approximate brix value. This simple conversion works best for specific gravity values below 1.070.


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