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This web site is the marriage of two hobbies: Homebrewing and building web gizmos. In addition, another source of motivation came from a general unhappiness with other software, spreadsheets, and brewing calculators. Yet another source of inspiration has come from online calculators that I've used for doing statistical analyses. Altogether, it seemed like a web site with web-based calculators was a natural outcome.

This web site is focused on functionality. It should work well on smart phones and other mobile devices so that you can quickly pull up a calculator on a brew day. The graphics and ads have been kept to a minimum, at least in part because I'd rather develop new calculators than spend time on fancy graphics.

If you find a bug please take a moment to share this feedback with me through the contact form. Feedback and new ideas are also welcome.

Good luck with your brewing projects!

Gary Fisk

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