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2021 BJCP 4A - Munich helles characteristic ingredients: "Continental Pilsner malt. Traditional German hops. Clean German lager yeast." This style differs from Festbier (Oktoberfest) by having less body and alcohol, and is perhaps a bit lighter in color too. It is less hoppy than Helles Exportbier.

Vital statistics:

Continental pilsner malt is essential. The total proportions of Vienna and/or Munich malt can range from 5 to 20%. Dextrin malts that contribute body and head retention are okay, but medium and darker crystal-type malts should be avoided. Decoction mashes are perhaps historically accurate, but good modern examples can be made with a single step infusion mash.

The hops should be German or continental European varieties, like Hallertau, Saaz, Tettnang, and Hersbrucker. A single bittering hop is sufficient.

The yeast should be a clean fermenting lager yeast. Diacetyl is undesirable, so steps that minimize diacetyl like a diacetyl rest are recommended.


Beer-analytics.com Munich helles analysis

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