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Strong describes the helles exportbier style as being a cross between a Munich helles and a German pils, yet a little stronger than each of these styles. This style originated in Dortmund, Germany, leading to the name Dortmunder export.

2021 BJCP 5C - helles exportbier characteristic ingredients: "Minerally water with high levels of sulfates, carbonates, and chlorides. Traditional German or Czech hops. Pilsner malt. German lager yeast. Decoction mash traditional."

Vital statistics:

The water for this beer has a higher mineral content than Czech lagers. This may accentuate hop bitterness.

Continental pilsner malt is the appropriate base malt. Vienna and/or Munich are commonly used. Significant crystal malt character is not appropriate, but some recipes use small amounts of Carafoam/CaraPils or Caramunich II or III. Strong recommends limiting the specialty malts to 10% of the grain bill. However, the Beer Analytics on this style suggests that specialty malts in these recipes often exceeds 10%. Decoction mashes were traditional. Melanoidin malt might provide a similar character for brewers who use a single-step mash.

The hops should be traditional German or continental European varieties, like Hallertau, Saaz, Tettnang, and Hersbrucker. American hops bred from Hallertau like Mount Hood might be acceptable choices for Americanized versions. Dornbusch recommends Tettnanger for bittering, Hallertau for flavor, and Saaz for aroma. The reviewed recipes have late hop additions for flavor and aroma.

The yeast should be a clean fermenting, German lager yeast.


Beer-analytics.com Helles exportbier analysis

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