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German Pils (also called pilsner or pilsener) was inspired by the Czech pilsner style. It is hoppier than related German lager styles. This is the most popular beer style in Germany.

2021 BJCP 5D - German Pils characteristic ingredients: "Continental Pilsner malt. Traditional German hops. Clean German lager yeast."

Vital statistics:

The water should be low in carbonates, yet have small to moderate amounts of chloride and sulfate. These minerals are important for avoiding a wimpy hop character.

Continental pilsner malt is essential, such as Weyermann or Durst pilsner malt. The malt bill can be 100% pilsner base malt. The sources recommend 0 to 10% light crystal malts for head and body-building purposes, such as CaraPils/CaraFoam. Vienna malt is used in some recipes, but overuse could veer into other beer styles. Decoction mashes were traditionally used. Single-step infusion mashes between 147 to 150F (64 to 66C) are effective.

The hops should be traditional German or continental European varieties, like Hallertau, Saaz, Tettnang, and Hersbrucker. The sources recommend Tettnanger for bittering and Hallertau for flavor and aroma. Saaz is sometimes used, but this could result in being more like a Czech pilsner. Crystal, Liberty, and Mount Hood are possible American substitutes. The reviewed recipes have late hop additions for flavor and aroma.

The yeast should be a clean fermenting, German lager yeast. Use recommended fermentation and lagering practices to lower diacetyl.


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