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2021 BJCP 10A - Weissbier style characteristic ingredients: "Malted wheat, at least half the grist. Pilsner malt. Decoction mash traditional. Weizen yeast, cool fermentation temperatures."

There are numerous mash possibilities. The easiest option is a single temperature infusion mash of 150 to 154 °F (66 to 68 °C). A more advanced possibility is a step-mash that begins with mashing-in at 110 to 113 °F (43 to 44 °C) to increase ferulic acid and clove flavors. A third option is decoction mashing. A grain bill variation is a small amount (0 to 5%) of dextrin malt. Rice hulls may help to prevent stuck sparges.

A hefeweizen yeast strain is essential - yeast flavors are the heart of this style. Fermentation temperatures at 60 to 64 °F (15.5 to 17.8 °C) restrains banana flavors while retaining clove flavors. Pitching at a slightly lower rate, like .50 to .75 million cells/mL/°P, may enhance banana and ester flavors.


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