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2021 BJCP 20A - American Porter characteristic ingredients: "Pale base malt, frequently crystal malt. Dark malts, often black malt or chocolate malt. American hops typically used for bittering, but US or UK finishing hops can be used. Ale yeast can either be clean US versions or characterful English varieties."

The base malt is usually American two-row or pale ale (American or British). The roasted malts - chocolate, black patent, roasted barley, and brown - provide the critical roasted flavor. Black patent and roasted barley can become acrid or too stout-like if the proportions are high. A recommendation is to keep the total percentage of roasted malts no higher than 10%. Crystal malts help to balance the roasted character and compose 5% to 10% of the grist. Oats, wheat malt, and cara-pils are optional malts for mouth-feel and beer head.

The hops are usually American or British varieties. A strategy is high-alpha bittering addition followed by low-alpha aroma varieties like Goldings or Fuggle. Citrusy varieties may be problematic by clashing with roasted flavors.

The yeast should have a neutral character. American ale varieties are a good choice. Relatively clean British strains that attenuate well are also possibilities.


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