🍺 Top-down Brew: Kettle volume calculator

Purpose: To determine the volume of a kettle from measurements of height and diameter. This is useful for calibrating dip sticks.

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This calculator determines the volume of a kettle from the height and diameter. These inputs are used to determine the volume of a cylinder in liters.

The volume by unit of height is useful for calibrating dip sticks. Say, for example, that one inch represents a half gallon. This would mean that five gallons would be 10 inches deep.

These calculations are based on the assumption that the kettle is a perfect cylinder. The calculations may be slightly off when the bucket sides are tapered or the bottom is rounded. For example, the default dimensions of 11.25 inches by 13.75 inches are taken from a standard five gallon plastic bucket. The calculations are for almost six gallons, which is off by about a gallon. This inaccuracy is due to the slight taper. The top of the bucket is 11.25 inches wide but the bottom is about 10 inches wide.

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