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1. Enter the batch target values

original specific gravity
% mash efficiency
volume (include wort losses)
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2. Enter the base malt values

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3. Enter the specialty malt percentages

% @ SG

4. Enter the sugar values (optional)

% @ SG
% @ SG

5. Enter the target IBUs and bittering hops

total IBUs
minutes boil time
Type: @ AA%

6. Late hop additions

% of IBUs for minutes: @ AA%
% of IBUs for minutes: @ AA%
% of IBUs for minutes: @ AA%
% of IBUs for minutes: @ AA%

7. Select the yeast type


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Sierra Nevada introduced the Resilience Butte County Proud IPA in November, 2018 as a fund raiser for Camp Fire relief efforts. The recipe for this beer has been released for brewing by other craft beer makers. A homebrew version of this recipe is available from the American Homebrewers Association.

This calculator is based upon the AHA recipe to provide a greater flexibility. The batch size can be scaled bigger or smaller by changing the volume field. If desired, a smaller, session beer version could be created by lowering the OG (1.050?) and possibly the total IBUs (40?). Another advantages is that the mash efficency can be easily adjusted to fit your system.

A technical detail is that the grain percentages were converted to percent by original gravity. This slight adjustment means that the 10% crystal malt from the original recipe corresponds to 9.5% when expressed as percent by gravity.

This recipe was made public to assist wildfire relief. The AHA suggests making donations to the Golden Valley Bank Community Association. They can accept electronic donations via PayPal.

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